Although we have a great supply of water here in America, a lot of people choose sodas, coffee or alcoholic beverages to quench their thirst.

Mankato Clinic Family Physician Rich Peller says, "Most people are mildly, chronically dehydrated because they drink a soda, they drink a coffee things like that and they think well I drank some fluid that's good."

But with caffeine, we aren't retaining the water. Almost all of it goes through us.

Peller says, "The best way to know how your body is responding to it is really watching your urine. You should pee out as clear water as it's going in then you know your kidneys are letting go of a lot of water and then you know your kidneys are happy with the amount of water you have in your system."

On average we need 8–10 ounce glasses a day on a regular basis.

Peller says most people don't even drink half of that.

Peller says, "start early because by the time you start to feel crummy you're already dehydrated and it takes a long time to catch up even if you're drinking because you gotta get it through your stomach. It's gotta absorb in your system and get to where it needs to be."

With today's technology it's pretty easy to track how much you're drinking.

Peller says, "We've got phones for everything. We've got these little arm devices that track everything. You can easily it now a days on how much you're drinking."

Always carrying a water bottle or planning out how much water you'll drink certain times of the day can help you reach your goal.

--KEYC News 12