This month's Good People Recipient is a high school junior from Redwood Falls.

Lauren Karnitz may only be 16, but she's making a big impact in her community and around the world.

Karnitz says, "My first idea came from collecting shoes from garage sales that were around town and so that's the first thing I did."

Then she got connected with a company in Florida that helped her plan grow.

"The truck that came to my house like town, came and picked them up and they will eventually go to their distribution place in Orlando and they will give them out to countries that need them."

Yes, she needed a truck because over the course of 90 days she collected 3,425 pairs of shoes.

"I thought about it personally and I know I have a lot of shoes myself and I thought there's plenty to get rid of."

From local businesses setting up drop off sites and her own determination, Lauren was able to give back through something we often take for granted."

"I thrive on helping people and I could see it taught me a lot about hard work and perseverance."

Lauren Karnitz, a KEYC News 12 Good People award recipient.

-KEYC News 12