Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato with the Greater Mankato Diversity Council unveiled their "Senbazuru," a sculpture of 1,000 folded origami cranes.

Staff members on both sides, visitors and patients spent the past few months on the project.

The Education Director of the Greater Mankato Diversity Council,Kuma Takamura said the constant divides and violence in the world made this project all the more necessary to complete.

"The Greater Mankato Diversity Council thought that we have to have some kind of a community project to bring people together in a way. "

Takamura, who is from Japan said," Origami cranes, especially when you make thousands of them and that will become a peace unity, healing and hope symbol of those things." 

In the Japanese culture, the crane is a symbol of longevity, which can only be achieved through peace. Therefore, it has become a tradition in Japan to fold 1,000 origami cranes and hang them together as one sculptural unit.