To say Masato Suzuki went the extra mile to run Sunday's Mankato Marathon would be quite an understatement.

That's because he flew in from Japan on Friday to run this very race.

"This is the first experience I run in a foreign country with my wife and that's going to be exciting," Suzuki says.

And there was one site along the way Suzuki was looking forward to.

"In the race I'll run through the place where I used to live with my host family and it's going to be the 20-mile point," he says.

The house he lived in 27 years ago when he came to the US to study at Loyola Catholic School.

"His parents decided they wanted him to have a year of schooling here, and he ended up going to Loyola for a year," Jean Sorensen, who played the role of Suzuki's host parent says. 

Sorensen has known Suzuki since he was 10–years–old. She says the opportunity to cheer him on during Sunday's race was a special one.

"We've got so many people running, but the special ones are our friends from Japan," Sorensen says. 

In the exact town Suzuki first decided to pick up the long–distance sport.

"I entered in the track team and cross-country team and that taught me the joy of running," Suzuki says.

Suzuki crossed the finish line with a time of 3 hours and 28 minutes.