Fox’s Pizza Den in Madelia has a unique challenge.

But it’s not for the faint of heart.

So you think you can do it?

Nicole Perrine says, “People come in really confident that they could complete the challenge.”

Eating a whole pizza in an hour, with the help of a friend.

No, no, no. Not THAT pizza.

Perrine says, “Looks can be deceiving, it looks like two people can do it and then reality sits in.”

This pizza.

Perrine says, “Two people sign up in advance, they get one hour to take down a 30 inch pizza, 10 pound pizza, one topping.”

So far 20 groups have tried, and only two have been successful, but those two call themselves competitive eaters.

Meet Ethan Teske and Jeremiah Forster, both from Minnesota.

Teske says, “I started after watching the show Man vs. Food.”

Forster says, “My wife calls me the Brett Favre of competitive eating because I’ve come out of retirement twice.”

Teske has been all around the country.

“My 168th overall food challenge in 26 states.”

While Forster has ties to Madelia and is doing the challenge in honor of his late grandfather.

So here’s the challenge for them….eat the whole 30 inch pizza in under 20 minutes.

The prize: eternal fame and glory…and free pizza.

Should they fail: they have to pay the $40 for the pizza and end up on the wall of shame.

Here they go.

Teske says, “The trick to being able to successfully strategize and then dominate and train involves expanding your stomach because the average stomach can’t hold 5 pounds of pizza. There’s a lot of training involved, also a mental part of it.”

After watching several groups try and fail, owner Nicole Perrine had this advice:

 “Stay away from the pepperoni.”

Challenge accepted.

Forster says, “We start super fast.”

Down to the very last slice.

And bite.

Pizza successfully conquered.

Their time?

Just under 16 minutes….which oh by the way, is a Fox’s National Franchise Record.

“We want some ice cream now.”

Who’s next?

-KEYC News 12