One teacher at St. Paul Lutheran School in Fairmont is bringing art and music to the school through his many roles.

Michael Kutch is the church's and school's music director, art, choir, and music teacher, and even helps with technology.

He said what he loves most is about his job is teaching kids the gift of music.

"I want to give each kid the opportunity to learn that gift and grow with it and hopefully take it with them when they leave this school, whether that be through playing an instrument or singing," Kutch said.

He makes learning fun with games like Monopoly and Battleship, and it's this teaching style that makes students excited for his class.

"He just makes the class exciting and the kids really learn to enjoy music and art and all the other things that he does," Principal Brian Kube said.

This is why Kutch is awarded the Golden Apple, an award he said he's humbled to receive.

"It's not something I expect, especially in my third year of teaching," he said. "I still think I have a lot to learn, but I'm very blessed to have such wonderful students."

--KEYC News 12.