A music teacher at Comfrey Public School fills the hallway each day with music and singing.

"We have to keep all of our other classes away from that hour that she teaches them because we have almost our entire high school is in choir and a pretty large percentage is in band also," Superintendent and Principal Kirsten Hutchison said.

She's talking about Amy Lee-Hesse's music classes. Lee has been teaching at Comfrey Public School for 19 years.

"To be able to watch kids grow, musically and just as students, from the time they're 7 years old until the time they're 18, it's a really unique experience that I know a lot of teachers don't get," Lee said.

She teaches first through 12th grade, and even though music becomes an elective by high school, students return to her class year after year.

"She makes it a fun environment to be around so I really love being in her class," junior Hailey Pidde said.

"She's just plain funny when she's teaching sometimes and that breaks the ice and it makes it easy to learn," junior Joseph Goedtke said.

Students said she strives for students to do their best when it comes to music. She always is encouraging them to become well–rounded students through music, theater and even sports.

"I don't ever want to discourage them," she said. "I love that music is a part of their lives, and I know they might not all choose to play or sing after they leave, but I hope they leave knowing that they have the skills."

Which is why she was nominated for the Golden Apple Award.

--KEYC News 12