Jerry's ABRA Auto Body & Glass donated a car to Shannon Pierce on Monday and the gift left her speechless.

"I'm so thankful for Ms. Christa here and my job counselor Marie who also helped and Dan, you guys have no idea how much this means to me and my girls, it's exciting," said Pierce.

The mother of four girls was surprised with a 2008 Chevy Impala that was worked on by Jerry's ABRA Auto Body & Glass . 
Staff and local supporters gathered for the event. Jerry's ABRA Auto Body & Glass Co-owner Jerry Kottschade said the program is for a great cause and local residents can help out in future giveaways.
"It's a good and worthy program and if they got cars that they want to donate to Minnesota Valley Action Council will gladly take the car and give it to or whatever they do with them to the people that need transportation in the Mankato area," said Kottschade. 
Pierce said  she has been using her mom's car so she is excited to have her own. She said the family will be taking their first trip soon.

"We're going to Northfield to see my grandma, so both of my grandmas live out of town and we haven't gotten up there," said Pierce. 
Kottschade says the company spent about 30 hours on the car.