Mankato Clinic Physical Therapist Jacob Nienow said a lot of time when people visit him with back pain, it's because they're not using the right abdominal muscles.

"Everyone always thinks that a back brace is going to help, but your body already has that," Nienow said. "Your body has those muscles that are used and they come all the way around the spine to add that stability."

He said to forget the crunches and sit ups when wanting to work on the back brace abs. There are a number of ways to do this.

"The big thing is those big functional motions," he said. "Like even like a squat, or any kind of running, you really gotta focus on keeping those stomach muscles nice and tight. What that does is you're able to stabilize your spine through a moving motion."

Planks are another basic way to activate those muscles.

"Planks are a really good exercise," he said. "Really focusing on squeezing the butt and the stomach, kinda tightens and stabilizes the back from both ends."

Along with a few other exercises, you can be on your way to a life with less back pain.

--KEYC News 12