When the stands are empty and the players are off the gridiron, groundskeepers are at work keeping the Blakeslee Stadium field looking good for the post–season.

Mother Nature has helped make this year's upkeep better than years past.

"It's been a great fall for us," Grounds Supervisor Bruce Leivermann said. "Normally at this time it snows, which is a lot more work involved. Normally if it's snowing, the field's frozen."

Maintaining the field takes damage control after games, painting, mowing and watering. For those colder days, they have a new cover to prevent the ground from freezing.

All of this work is needed because of what the field is made of.

"We are a grass field, where most of the stadiums nowadays are artificial turf," Leivermann said.

That difference is what makes it better when the team gets to play at home.

"You know, they talk about a home field advantage, and when you've got a field like ours, it really truly has become an advantage for our team," Athletic Director Kevin Buismen said.

He says the work done to upkeep the field is something to show off, even to opposing teams.

"Every time that we have the opportunity to host visiting teams, they comment on the field and just are amazed at the condition it's in, especially at this time of year," Buismen said.

MSU will host a quarterfinal this Saturday, and if they win, could host a semifinal game.

--KEYC News 12.