Our latest Golden Apple Award winner is a special ed teacher in New Ulm.

"Out of all my years, like 10 plus years, probably 10 years of school, best teacher, Ms. Kral," one of Christine Kral's students said.

Kral  is a special education teacher at New Ulm Middle School, focusing on a variety of areas, especially social skills.

She said her teaching style is kids-first, so she takes the time to build relationships with each and every student.

"Their needs are all individual, so taking that in to account that they are individuals, that's how I teach them," she said.

She said she uses compassion when teaching, something both other teachers and her students see in her.

"She has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I know, she will go above and beyond for all of her students," teacher Alyssa Marshall said.

"She will care for us no matter what, she will always be there for us, and that she will do whatever it takes for us to learn," sixth grader Colton said.

"Ms. Kral is very nice, she is gentle and kind and I sometimes think of her like as a grandmother," sixth grader Jacob said.

The reason she loves her job is because each day presents her a new challenge.

"The joy and excitement when someone understands something, when they make progress, that's good for them, but it's really good for me too," Kral said.

Which is why she was chosen for the Golden Apple Award.

--KEYC News 12.