Teachers and faculty do their best to watch over their students, but sometimes an extra set of eyes are needed to ensure the safety of everyone at school.

103 eyes to be exact; that's how many security cameras are installed at both Fairmont Elementary and Fairmont High School.

With so many different angles both inside and out, staff says a sense of security has been established should something go wrong.

5th grade elementary teacher Ross Long said "Our main concern is the safety of our kids. I have two kids here in the building myself. You know if there is an intruder that come in or active shooter that comes in, we want to be able to know where they're at. With the amount of cameras we have in the building, it's pretty easy to do."

The number of school shootings across the county has weighed heavily on staff here.

A reminder of one incident continues to sit above the conference room at the elementary school.

Superintendent Joseph Brown said "Yesterday was the fifth year anniversary of the Newtown shooting Connecticut, Sandy Hook. You know, those little five and six–year–old students and the adults that were killed that day. You know, what's the value?"

Some argue that with Fairmont Elementary being one of the largest schools of its kind in the country with roughly 1,000 kids, having that security blanket is useful reassuring.

Along with having the ability to see and hear what goes on, DVDs can be made to replay a sequence of events and determine how they occurred, something the schools haven't had to do for almost a year.

Special education teacher Robin Armitage said "I think it's beneficial, I think it's nice that we all know that we have somebody or something watching us. Just to know that there is extra eyes."

The school also only contains one entrance as an added feature to maintain these Cardinals' well–being.

This past summer, 40 cameras were added to Fairmont Area Schools, costing more than $200,000 for the added surveillance.

- KEYC 12