A grain elevator in Northrop continues to burn following an explosion on Thursday.

Emergency personnel have been working around the clock, battling both the elements and the structure, in an effort to put this fire out.

Just before noon on Thursday, grain dust ignited, causing the top half of the elevator to explode.

After firefighters sustained the situation, the elevator caught on fire around 5:00 a.m. Friday and hasn't stopped since.

As you can see behind me, crews are still battling this fire. Right now, marks more than 32 consecutive hours in which firefighters have been looking for a way to extinguish this blaze. Talking with firefighters, they say the biggest issue has been the weather. Cold temperatures have been freezing up water lines, allowing this fire to continue to burn.

44 fire departments around the state have assisted, pouring out more than 1,000,000 gallons of water onto the structure.

Members of LB Pork have been grateful for the first responders and the residents who have supplied these men and women warm food and clothing.

LB Pork Part Owner  Lonny Becker said "Our family is truly thankful for the response that we've had. From everybody here including the local businesses in the area that have supported our firefighters."

As for the flames, crews have decided to put out each bin separately to ensure the flames get extinguished.

Northrop Fire Chief John Clymer said "Between the smoke, you can kind of see we have the east side torn off. That allows us to put out the east bins. We got to get that all cleaned up and then we can start trying to get into the west bins."

Clymer adds that firefighters will continue to work into the night and early morning as the best case scenario would be that the fire will be put out sometime tomorrow.

Emergency personnel have reported multiple recreational drones around the scene. Authorities are asking people to not fly any equipment around the fire for it causes unsafe working conditions for firefighters.

- KEYC 12