The Cleveland girls basketball team is on a four game winning streak, and junior guard Caitlin Brink is leading the way for the Clippers this season earning our KEYC Scheels All Sports Girls Prep Athlete of the Week honor.

"Basketball has just been my thing ever since I can remember," said Brink, prep athlete of the week.

Junior Caitlin Brink's helped guide the Clippers to a 5–3 record this season and doesn't only provide a spark on the court.

"She does post-game interviews, so after our wins, she always goes around to every player, and asks us how we feel about the game. It pipes us all up, and we get excited, and that's always nice to have when you're winning more games," said Karna Ziebarth, Cleveland junior.

"I'm very blessed that everyone as a team nominated me to be a captain, for me to take on that leadership role, I take it with pride. I take it with heart, and I try to lead these girls, and they trust me so that's the best part," said Brink.

Whenever the squad is in a close game and need a bucket, the Clippers can count on Brink to get the job done.

"It means a lot to know that my teammates have my back and trust me with the ball in times like that. When it comes down to it, nothing is in my mind. When I'm on the basketball court, nothing is on my mind, it's my safe place. I tune out everything and I'm just focused on the game, and my teammates," said Brink.

"She's going to keep improving, she's one of those players that just is non–stop, she doesn't have a stop button and she doesn't have a comfort zone. She's always pushing to get better, and that's every coaches dream," said Brian Link, Cleveland head coach.

Her leadership on and off the floor is why Brink is our KEYC Scheels All Sports Girls Prep Athlete of the Week.