The Sleepy Eye girls' basketball team features a couple of players that recently hit the thousand point milestone in their career.

KEYC News 12 Sports Rob Clark tells us why Sarah Ibarra and Madi Heiderscheidt are this week's KEYC Scheels All Sports Girls Prep Athletes of the Week.

Seniors Sarah Ibarra and Madi Heiderscheidt are two dynamic scorers with the ability to knock down shots from anywhere on the floor.

 Both athletes are shooting at least 50 percent from the field with Heiderscheidt hitting almost 40–percent of the time from beyond the arc.

"I don't ever think she gets cold, or has a bad game. Every time she's 20 plus points. She's a huge part of our team. She knows when to shoot the ball, she drives in well, contests shots well, and she's everything. Our team really needs her," said Ibarra, prep athlete of the week.

They've both dealt with a fair share of injuries over the years but never missed a beat.

"Just being on the court, it feels good, after my surgery I was down because I wasn't able to play. When I go out there it feels like home, feels like I need to do this on an everyday basis, and it felt good," said Ibarra.

"I've gotten stronger, both physically, mentally and all that stuff without my knee issues, and I think I've gotten a lot smarter which I've been working on the last couple of years," said Heiderscheidt.

Along with topping a thousand points in her career, Heiderscheidt is Sleepy Eye's all–time career assists leader with over 300 and counting.

"I love watching my teammates succeed, and I know how hard they've worked just as hard as I've worked. I love being able to show that to the crowd, and show their talents," said Heiderscheidt.

The guard can always dish to Ibarra another thousand point scorer who's a dominant presence in the paint.

"She is really our spark, and it's great to see how much she's improved, and how well she's played this year, and I hope that continues for her," said Heiderscheidt. 

"Friday night we let her go, she's feeling good, went off for 27 points and got her thousandth point. Sarah can do everything for us, she can guard guards, she's going to shoot threes, she's going to post up. She's our versatile player that can do anything, and it's a big attribute to us," said Ryan Hulke, Sleepy Eye head coach.

Their leadership and versatility are why Ibarra and Heiderscheidt are this week's KEYC Scheels All Sports Girls Prep Athletes of the Week.