Auto Restorers Club of Southern Minnesota gave a check for $1,000 each, to 15 local charities on Saturday, at the American Legion in Eagle Lake.
Auto Restorers Car Club Member Sal Alsaker said the group gathered the money from funds they received at their annual car show.
"We usually do $10,000, ten different organizations, this year we decided to do 15, so we have $15,000 dollars going out today." said Alsaker. 

Outreach Chair for Fighting Blindness in Minnesota Deane Williams said his organization is privileged, to be among the groups receiving the donations. 

Williams said his organization is working to do great things. 

" To find treatments, cures, and hopefully one day corrections for all retinal loss is what our organization is all about," said Williams. 

Local groups like B.E.N.C.HS, CADA and Disabled Veterans of America were among the 15 organizations that received a check.