A FEMA–identified flaw has Mankato and North Mankato city officials working towards a construction plan to alleviate a potential flood zone.

"When these flood maps are produced we'll have our project in place... and the areas that are shown in green and blue on page two will not be shown to be flood prone," Mankato Public Works Director Jeff Johnson said.

FEMA told city officials that the area near Hwy. 169 just north of Hwy. 14 must be raised above the 100–year flood level.

"Essentially what we have to do is rip up a quarter-mile of the road and construct a levee and they'll rebuild the road back on top of it," Johnson said.

The project is estimated at $3.3 million and will take place August through October.

If not completed, nearby residents would be required to buy flood insurance as the area would be deemed a flood zone.

The meeting also took to reviewing the Mankato Zero Waste pilot program.

"93–97% of our residents responding said that they saw it was important to be caring for the environment. They felt that organics recycling was a part of that," Mankato Zero Waste member Betty Winkworth said.

The grassroots organization is working to find ways to make curbside compost pickup available in Mankato and other neighboring towns.

They have until June of 2018 to present an effective plan to implement organics recycling within the city.

--KEYC News 12