The North Union Iowa girls basketball team wrapped up its regular season with an 18–2 record. In doing so,  the squad earned a first round bye for the Class 2A Region One tournament.

Part of the Warriors success comes from senior forward, Hallie Reese, who is our KEYC Scheels All Sports Girls Prep Athlete of the Week.

"She's a handful, but she's a fun handful, she's the kind of athlete who will make a mistake, and own up to it, and she'll always be that person to pick you up," said Kate Anderson, North Union senior guard.

North Union's Hallie Reese is averaging just over 14 points a game this season shooting almost 60 percent from the field.

"I think I'm more confident, I'm not scared. It's water off a duck's back, if I got yelled at, well I made a mistake, and I'll just have to play harder the next time I guess, I can't do anything about it," said Reese, prep athlete.

"You can see as each year has gone by, she's really matured. This year, she's really played well inside and out. I think she's done a good job on both sides of the basket, she can score on the left side, on the right side. She had a really good game against Garrigan the other week which help put us over the edge," said Merle Tigges, North Union head coach.

Reese has developed into an all–around player on both ends of the floor and plans on continuing her basketball career next year at Buena Vista University.

"I think it'll be good, my dad said, if you don't play basketball, I don't know what I'll do with my winter because that's all he's ever done is watch basketball. It's going to be a plus, because then I can keep playing basketball, bond with people, and I think it'll make it easier to adjust to the college atmosphere and be a little bit like a routine since I was playing basketball my whole life," said Reese.

Her leadership on the court is why Reese is our KEYC Scheels All Sports Girls Prep Athlete of the Week.