The Madelia boys’ basketball team has won two straight, and leading the team in almost every category  is eighth grader Ja’Sean Glover.

KEYC News 12 Sports Rob Clark has more on why the point guard is our KEYC Scheels All Sports Boys Prep Athlete of the Week.

“He’s just got a passion for the game, and he’s an all-around charismatic kid. People like to be around him, he’s a hard worker, very vocal. He’s confident, but not cocky, he likes to play team basketball. Even though he’s young, he plays the game, he wants the ball, not necessarily always to score, but to create something. Whether it’s for himself, or other guys,” said Jeff VanHee, Madelia head coach.

“I like to do a little hesitation, I can’t give out all my moves because people are going to try and steal my moves, but I like to do a little hesitation, between the legs, behind the back, something to create space, and get the guys open,” said Glover, prep athlete of the week.

Glover is a student of the game  and played some varsity minutes last year as a seventh grader.

This season, he’s leading the Blackhawks in scoring, assists, blocks, and steals, looking more like an upperclassman in every contest …  

“I watch a lot of basketball, when I was a little kid, I watched people play a lot, so I wanted to do the moves they do and how they pass the ball and shoot the ball and all that,” said Glover.

“His overall basketball IQ is so special to have a kid at that age understand the game and how it goes around you,” said VanHee.

His play-making ability is why Ja’Sean Glover is our KEYC Scheels All Sports Boys Prep Athlete of the Week.