Inside the Nicollet County Fairgrounds, the Winter Slam is showcasing itself as one of the best demolition derbies around.

From cars to trucks, metal on metal crime took place as drivers set out to destroy their competition.

Determination to be the last car running kicked in as some drove on three wheels, while others blindly sped through smoke around the arena.

Having only begun last year, The Demolition Derby League has identified the Winter Slam as the 5th best derby in the entire world and has begun to attract people from Europe.

Derby organizer Brandon Thomas said "This is the 2nd year of the event. Another great turnout, 140 cars registered among 7 surrounding states. We had two guys fly in from the United Kingdom."

Saturday afternoon, hundreds of fans packed the grandstands to witness these contestants compete for up to $12,000 in payouts.

- KEYC 12