Former MSU football standout, and six time track and field All–American, Chris Reed, recently wrapped up his third season in the National Football League.

KEYC News 12 Sports Rob Clark had a chance to catch up with the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman.

From a division two national title game in 2014 to an AFC conference championship against the New England Patriots, Chris Reed will always remember this season.

"Amazing, honestly those guys are amazing. I wouldn't give anything, it was an amazing experience. It was a life experience that I'll never forget. I couldn't be prouder of my team, we really tried our best, that stuff happens, but we always look forward, and we're excited to get the new year started already," said Reed.

The Jags were in the playoffs for the first time in a decade and took down Buffalo in the Wild Card Playoffs and topped Pittsburgh in the AFC Divisional round as Jacksonville was one of four teams remaining.

"All the hard work that we had gone through, to do something that we'd done, I think we were the only team to do that twice, beat the Steelers at home, it was truly something amazing to watch, being there, the atmosphere in the locker room was amazing, and we put in the work to do it, and our team felt the culmination of that hard work right then," said Reed.

Reed spent his first season with the Jags on the practice squad while cracking the 53–man roster in each of the past two years following in the footsteps of another former Maverick and current Minnesota Viking wide receiver Adam Thielen.

They both represented MSU well this season, as the two former Mavs found themselves just one game away from playing in Super Bowl 52.

"That was exciting, I wish it would have turned out different, but I'm excited for all the success he's had, he's worked for it. He deserves it, I'm excited he got a Pro Bowl, scored a touchdown, and all that stuff. It was really cool, looking back, I don't think I would have imagined that, but I'm really glad we are where we are," said Reed.

The O–lineman is already turning his attention to next season and won't take too much time off before starting to train for year number four in the NFL.

"You get a couple of weeks, it kind of depends, I only played in three games this year, so I'll have a little less downtime. Some guys played for 8–9 years, they'll take a little bit more time off, it just depends on how your body feels really," said Reed.

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