Martha Witte is in only her second year teaching at St. Clair Elementary, but she says the relationships she's already made makes it feel like it's been home for years.
"I come from a small town and this has that very nice, small town atmosphere that I just love," said Witte.
Witte has a unique way of teaching that allows kids to have fun while still learning.
"I sing with the kids, I have students from 25 years ago that say 'If I remember anything about you, you sing."
Ms. Witte was nominated by a 6th grader named Landon, who was in her class last year.  Landon says he nominated his former teacher because of the way she introduces new ways of teaching regular subjects, including science experiments, which is his favorite.

"My favorite one was one where we had dark-wing beetles where they started out as worms then turned into beetles," said Landon.
St. Clair elementary Principal Nadine Holland agrees with Landon about Ms. Witte's deserving the Golden Apple award.
"She's the one who, they'll come in the morning and right away she's asking them how they're doing, how's your family, how are you feeling today. She knows them inside and out and that's what makes her such a great teacher," said Holland.
Witte attributes her teaching style to just being herself in front of the students
"I wear my heart on my sleeve, I encourage the kids to read, a lot. And I'm not afraid to let them see me as a person in my joys and my sorrows and my strengths and in my weaknesses," said Witte.
Her students' enthusiasm certainly reflects Witte's passion for teaching.

--KEYC News 12