Young science enthusiasts got to showcase their research at MSU today during the annual science and engineering fair.
Hayden Banas is an eighth grade student from Prior Lake who traveled down to Mankato for the 67th annual Southern Minnesota Regional Science and Engineering fair.

Hayden is just one of dozens of middle and high school students who are presenting the final product of months of research and hard work.
His project questioned the efficiency of different types of bridge suspension. The testing involved multiple models of various bridges.
 "The building the bridges was really hard because there were six in total plus two test designs and it was a lot to do," said Banas. "I spent over two months on this, probably, just building them."
Using the scientific method, students form question they want answered, that ranges from topics such as Hayden's bridge testing to the logistics behind a hoverboard.

For the majority of these students at the fair, their projects go beyond just academics, it's a stepping stone towards success later in life.
"So many of these kids picked a topic that they want to learn about. You see that enthusiasm translate from their board to their presentation. In terms of also how they can share that with you and have you use that same information," said Tim Guldan, a judge for the fair. "There's a real passion for many of the people that are here and help the kids have a lot of fun to learn."
With the fair being held at MSU, students can get a glimpse of what the future might hold should they continue down the path of science and engineering.
 It's a good challenge to them to learn the new process about science. How they over overcome obstacles," said the fair's director, Shveta Agarwal,  "They create their projects so they will know if they're interested in the science or not."
Winners of the fair will have the chance to earn scholarships at the state and national fairs.

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