Dishes and conversations were both shared Tuesday afternoon at the St. Peter Co-op.
"You get recipes. You get tips. You get samples and meals. A lot of comradery, and it's turned out to be extremely successful, and we're really just proud of this partnership," Co-op General Manager Margot O'Brien said.
On Tuesday's menu: chickpea curry and steel cut oat risotto.

Friends in the Kitchen started over 10 months ago as a partnership between Lutheran Social Service and the St. Peter Co-op.
"Some educational opportunities for seniors who are isolated. People who are cooking small meals and to make them affordable," O'Brien said.
Volunteers invite those 55 and older once a month to come learn ways to create healthy, affordable and easy to make meals.
"Hunger issues, nutritional issues are at the heart of what we're about so it was really just a natural partnership," O'Brien said.
But the program is more than your average cooking class, but also an effort to build social community.
"We really are getting a really good attendance. People are really interested and they have a good time," she said.

If you're interested in learning about how to get involved with Friends in the Kitchen visit the St. Peter Co-op website.