Briana Joseph is a walking dictionary.

The clever 8th grader beat out 42 other spellers in the regional spelling bee and now she is on her way to Washington DC to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.
"I feel really proud that I get to represent my school, family, friends, so that's like a bonus." said Briana, who attends Fairmont Jr./Sr. High School.

Like a pro athlete, Briana takes her training seriously.

Briana said  "I personally like studying off lists so I like to do a lot of root words, finding the meaning of words by that.  Separating them by language patterns and finding connections between all the words... it's kind of fun."

When Briana isn't studying, she is involved in lots of activities.

"I'm a tennis player, I play for the Fairmont tennis team, really proud about that.  I'm on the dance team so that's a good sport to be in right now.  Yeah, I'm in band, one of my favorites."

Briana passed our on-the-spot spelling bee with flying colors.

Spell the word, "handkerchief".

"Handkerchief.  H-a-n-d-k-e-r-c-h-i-e-f."

Spell:  "Leprechaun"

"I want to go... l-e-p-r-e-c-h-a-u-n, leprechaun?"

Now for a really hard one, spell "hemorrhage."

"Hemorrhage... h-e-m-o-r-r-h-a-g-e."

Not a single spelling error!

The Scripps National Spelling bee runs from May 29th to the 31st.