After last week's Domestic Abuse -related homicide in Blue Earth County, experts are stressing the importance of helping those in abusive relationships. 

The Committee Against Domestic Abuse's Executive Director Jason Mack discussed the importance of victims getting help, at the right time.
"I do think it's really important for people to have a safety plan, to make sure that it's safe to contact outside help for assistance," said Mack. 

"We always says if somebody threatens to hurt you or kill you that you should take that very seriously and believe them." 

Blue Earth County Community Outreach Advocate Tatum Roberts said friends and families of someone who suffer from domestic violence are usually secondary victims to that violence.

She said creating a support system is important, especially for that primary victim.
"Our first instinct is to tell them what to do and one of the biggest things that could be way more helpful is to just listen," said Roberts. " And to know that as a victim they know their life and what is going more than anybody else."

Roberts also said to never blame the victim, as they may become more resistant to seeking additional help.

While some domestic abuse cases result in the victim getting that help, other times the results can be fatal.

South Central Crisis Center/ Horizon Homes's Treatment Director Tina Olson said when that happens, loved ones left behind, can often feel guilt along with sadness. These feelings occur when they feel they could have done more.
"I would always strongly encourage people to seek out some sort of support either through therapy, a support group, any sort of guidance to help them process through that situation," said Olson. 

C.A.D.A. said people should never belittle someone's situation. If someone comes to you saying they are in an abusive relationship, believe them, lend an ear and give whatever help you can. 

For those needing to confide in someone or for any assistance, please call South Central Crisis Center's crisis line at 877-399-3040. 

--KEYC News 12