Minneopa State Park has closed their Bison drive until further notice.

No timetable has been given to when the range will re–open.

However, the hiking trails surrounding the road will still be available to residents.

Park officials say the decision was made because of deteriorating road conditions due to warm temperatures and melting snow.

Assistant park manager Todd Dailey said "Unfortunately, the snow doesn't have anywhere to go except for on the road which kind of creates a lot of standing water. When we get multiple vehicles going through that, that creates some ruts in the road which causes a lot of damage for us."

The road between the end of the bison drive and Seppmann Mill is now closed for the season.

For any updates on the situation or to learn more, you can call the park at (507)-386-3910 or visit mndnr.gov/minneopa.

- KEYC 12