The city of Mankato celebrated the 150th anniversary of the city charter with a bus ride through quaint downtown.  The bus featured unique graphics which celebrated Mankato’s 150 years of partnerships, especially the relationship between the city and Minnesota State University.

Shelly Schulz of the City of Mankato said:  “It will be on the road all the rest of 2018 to celebrate our milestones.”

Since the charter was enacted, the city has seen lots of changes.

Mayor Eric Anderson said:  “You know, 150 years ago we weren’t plotting for cars or semis…bridge decks, parking ramps, think of the things now that cities have to deal with.”

Even though this was a celebration of the past, Mayor Anderson looked forward to the future.

Anderson said:  “We’re just here for a just the briefest blip of time and hopefully to pass on to the next generations, a community that they would be proud to call home.”

-KEYC News 12