This month's about to get a little mad with the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball tournament tipping–off Tuesday.

"I have Purdue and Virginia in the finals, and Virginia winning," Ryan Olmstead, a student at Minnesota State University Mankato said.

"I think either Villanova or Xavier is who I think is going to win," Aaron Younge, a student at Minnesota State University Mankato said.

According to the American Gaming Association around 70 million brackets are filled out each year.

"A couple times I've been pretty close but after the Sweet 16 I drop everything and it sucks," Younge said.

And with a total of 63 games in this year's tournament...

"Last year I watched every single game. Girlfriend didn't like it. I did," Olmstead said.

That's over 2000 minutes of game time.

These numbers seem staggering, but mathematicians say the odds of filling out a perfect bracket can be as low as 1 in 9.2 quintillion.

"The math works this way... If you multiply half, half, half 63 times, that's how you get that number," MSU statistics professor Dr. Mezbahur Rahman said.

With stats like these Dr. Rahman says a perfect bracket would be considered more luck than strategy.

"Your chance will be a lot less than winning the lottery," he said.

Which is why Rahman suggests focusing less on the money and more on the madness.

--KEYC News 12