You won't hear much English spoken in Mrs. Tacheny's classroom.

She's the Spanish teacher at Mankato East High School. In her class, she uses Spanish to build a relationship with her students and build their relationship with language.

"We get to know each other very well and that's how you get to know a language, by speaking it, by hearing it," Peg Tacheny said.

She said she has a passion for her students just as big as her passion for the language.

"I love Spanish, I have loved it since I was 15 years old, and I will continue to learn Spanish until the day I die," she said.

This is what makes her students excited to attend her class.

"She makes Spanish fun," 10th grader and nominator Kylie Andresen said. "I cannot wait to go to her second hour class every day. She makes it a personal commitment to get to know us and to make sure that we're succeeding not only in her class, but in all of our classes."

"I'm just very grateful to have the opportunity every day to teach these kids," Tacheny said.

Which is why she was nominated for the Golden Apple Award.

--KEYC News 12