Bean Town Grill exudes both a casual and upscale setting through its decor.

The six-year-old restaurant classifies itself as "Newer American Fare," serving items from tasty sandwiches and salads to mouthwatering seafood. 

Restaurant Owner Steve Jette said seafood has become a favorite at the restaurant. 

"Our most popular dish, this is our 'Shore Lunch,'" said Jette. "Baked bean, Fried Red Potatoes and a Pan- Fried Walleye, can't go wrong there!" 

Jette also spoke about how the restaurant chose the name, "Bean Town Grill." 

"Fairmont was originally settled with bean farmers from England," said Jette.

He said choosing a restaurant name was a lot harder than he imagined, but something caught on.  

"It [Fairmont] was a bean colony, and 'Bean Town' that sounds kind of catchy."

With flavorful salads and Cedar Grilled Salmon as options, Jette made certain that everyone had a healthy option. 

He said he understands that everyone has a different diet, so he worked to add healthy and tasty options for his customers. 

Bean Town Grill has daily specials as well as tasty desserts, so check out the great food and atmosphere!