All this week we've brought you stories looking back on the March 29th tornadoes that tore through southern Minnesota.

In our final story, we spoke with a family who seemed to follow the twister's path.

Barb Regner says, "We got this call from mom who lives about 10 miles from Comfrey saying what had happened."

That night... March 29, 1998... Barb would return the call to her mother from St. Peter.

"I said it's Barb, we're fine but the house is gone."

Tim, Barb and their 3–year–old son Luke had survived the brunt of the destruction.

"We walked upstairs, I opened the door and there was sky."

First Barb's parents went through the Comfrey tornado.

Then Barb and her family survived the St. Peter tornado.

But they weren't in the clear yet.

"In May, we had found a house in Mankato and that house got hit, the roof came off."

Through the generosity of friends and neighbors, the Regners never lost their faith or resolve.

"There was never a doubt we would rebuild, we're proud to be a part of the community. We've learned that those were just things we lost."

Barb says it took three years before she could finally hear a tornado warning without too much fear.

One other twist of fate for the Regners: Tim's wedding ring was lost during the storm, but a little more than a year later, Barb found it by their retaining wall.

-KEYC News 12