Minnesota State University-Mankato's College of Allied Health and Nursing made sure that their community fair illustrated what they are all about.

The sesquicentennial celebration embraced 150 years of being healthy, wealthy and wise.

Coordinators Megan Schmitz and Gabriella De La Cruz said the celebration had many benefits.
"I think this is great benefits for just the community and the college students that are thinking about coming back to college, " said Schmitz.

"Just a great way to get information from the different seven departments in the college of Allied Health and Nursing departments."  

De La Cruz said the demonstrations ranged from nursing to dental. 

"They also can get their hearing and their blood pressure checked, and we also have events for children," said De La Cruz.

"We have a teddy bear check-up, .so that kids can learn that it's not scary, to go in to the doctor."

Visitors seemed to enjoy the stations, as walked around the University's Clinical Sciences building. 

One of the most popular stops was the birthing simulator, where people watched nursing students assist in a woman's labor.

Jessica O'Brien and Alex Murnane are both second- year nursing students.  They were commended on their nice performance in the simulation. 
"We did not know we would be doing this today, so we did not prepare for it," said O'Brien.

"But I think it went really great."

Murnane said she appreciated having another nurse in the room. 

"It helps when you have two nurses together too, cause you can kind of delegate different tasks," said Murnane.

All screenings, activities and tests provided were free. Coordinators said they wanted the celebration to help people, who could not afford certain health services.

-- KEYC News 12