Sixth graders at Fairmont Elementary School filled the hallway with their cheers to surprise their math teacher with the Golden Apple Award.

"I'm quite honored to receive the award and it's awesome that my students would take time to recognize me like that," Golden Apple Recipient Tyler Brackey said. "That makes me very, very happy and proud of my work."

Since math can sometimes be a difficult subject, Brackey said he teaches his students to not be afraid to fail.

"In my classroom, if we make a mistake, it's a learning opportunity and it's important for kids to capitalize on that mistake and learn from those mistakes and build as students," Brackey said.

Many students find that this approach is what helps them grow.

"Math didn't really used to be my favorite subject, but when he started teaching math, you know, everything starting making sense and it was lot of fun," sixth grader Brynn Gustafson said. "He makes learning so much easier."

Brackey said he understands that each students learns differently, and strives to make sure everyone understands a topic before moving on.

"If a student doesn't get it one week, not all hope is lost, we're going to keep working on it, we're going to keep building, hopefully by the end of the year we'll learn a thing or two," he said.

--KEYC News 12