The Twin Valley Council honored three outstanding volunteers at their Values Event this evening.

The event honors volunteers from scouting and the community that live everyday by the Scout Oath and Law while being dedicated to improving life in Mankato through voluntary endeavors.

The three award recipients this year are Michael Karp, Brian Maciej and Dr. Don Putzier.

In addition to honoring these individuals, the event helps raise money to support the programs and services of the Twin Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America.

“Well I think the boy scouts is a very important organization.  It really teaches values which is what this event is about.  I think scouting teaches how we can provide service to others and we don’t have to do it alone,” award recipient Don Putzier said.

The Mankato Values Event honors those who live up to the Scout Oath and Law in their professional and personal lives.

--KEYC News 12