Along with this year's sesquicentennial at Minnesota State University Mankato, the university has plenty more to celebrate, including another milestone.

"I learned things about myself. Theories that informed who and what I was. What I am and who I could be," MSU alumni John Lee said.

All that and more since MSU's LGBT Center opened its doors forty years ago.

Since then, the center continues to provide education, programming and activism to heighten campus and community awareness of LGBTQ concerns.

"It's so cool to see how much this means to so many people for four decades now. It's a pretty cool thing," Jessica Flatequal, LGBT Center's director said. 

And one thing that's remained the same over the years-a great deal of support.

"To help them through some dark times and to make sure they find friendships and a community and to just help them through college life," Flatequal said.

The center not only serves as a resource to students, but a legacy in the community, being the second campus LGBT Center in the nation.

"The center's named after our founder, James Chalgren, who was a graduate student here at the University and really just had a vision," she said. 

A vision that's surpassed forty years, and many more to come.

In 2008, MSU had been listed in the Advocate magazine's top 100 LGBT–friendly universities.

--KEYC News 12