A regional veteran's assistance group held it's annual meeting tonight at the Morson–Ario VFW in Mankato.
South Central Beyond the Yellow Ribbon was chartered by Governor Dayton in July of 2012.
The project seeks to create a comprehensive network connecting veterans to resources which can aid in areas ranging from financial assistance to simply having their lawns mowed.

The group is made up of all volunteers, most of whom are veterans themselves or people just looking to support the project's goals.
"As a veteran myself, it's gratifying to be able to offer some services back to fellow veterans," said Michael Rath, Chairman of South Central Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. "If for no other measure than to show some gratitude for their service. Whether they were a combat veteran or a non–combat veteran.
At the annual meeting, the group discusses ways to improve the avenues in which veterans can access the resources provided by Yellow Ribbon.

A guest speaker was also at the meeting to address another part of Yellow Ribbon's mission, which is to provide mental health assistance to returning veterans.
"There's no reason not to help veterans as much as we can because they've made sacrifices for us and as a society," said Tim Adams, Director of Minnesota State's Veteran Center. "We need to find ways so that we can protect them after they've borne the burden of battle."
Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is established only in the State of Minnesota, for more information and ways to assist, visit sotuhcentralbtyr.org or email southcentralfrg@gmail.com

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