Even though the cooler air is sticking around, The Cold Weather Rule is coming to a close.

The rule runs each year beginning in October and the service is known for protecting low–income households from having their heat shut off until April 15th.

"We know this year we have assisted around 6,000 people with energy assistance and generally those folks would all qualify for that cold weather rule protection," Judd Schultz from Minnesota Valley Action Council said.

Customers that have fallen behind on bills are encouraged to make arrangements before the rule ends on Sunday, in order to ensure their services aren't interrupted.

"The best thing people can do at this time is if they are past due they should be contacting their utility provider and try to work out a payment arrangement.  If they have not provided for energy assistance they still can as we still have funds available.  It is first come first serve so people should apply sooner rather than later," Schultz added.

Those still in need of assistance after Sunday can reach out to Minnesota Valley Action Council. They have offices in all nine counties in South Central Minnesota.

--KEYC News 12