Minnesota's Trout opener is tomorrow... and the DNR is stocking ponds around the area.

Every year, 1,500 trout are transported from Minnesota's Lanesboro hatchery and stocked into St. Peter ponds ahead of the trout and stream fishing opener.

The trout being put into the ponds are "yearlings," which Minnesota DNR says makes them just big enough for anglers to catch.

Because trout thrive in cold water, this year's weather will extend their lifespan by a few months.

Generally most of the trout in the stock die by the end of the season, making it necessary for the DNR to replenish every year.

"We have groundwater input here, so it keeps the water temps cool enough for trout to tolerate," said Brandon Eder of the Minnesota DNR. "It's about one of the only places where we can put trout and have them actually survive long enough to be caught.

Anglers wanting to participate in tomorrow's opener will need to purchase a trout stamp in addition to a standard angling license.

----KEYC News 12