The springtime snowstorm has the City of Mankato preparing for the weekend.

The city's plows are geared up to take to the streets.

"They're full of fuel, they're ready to go with salt brine and everything," Superintendent of Streets Joe Grabianowski said. "Our trucks are ready to go so as soon as it starts accumulating, we'll be out there."

The roads couldn't be pretreated Friday because the rain would wash it away. So now crews will have to wait to plow until snow starts to fall.

While the city is prepared, many aren't excited about this forecast.

"They always say April showers brings May flowers," Mankato resident Dan Makela said. "I'm not ready for 3 to 5 inches or even more of snow."

"It's kind of unbelievable, but, at the same time, we haven't really had any nice weather to compare it to, so I'm kind of used to it," Mankato resident Amanda Doerr said.

Now the best thing the city can hope for is some nicer weather to help with the cleanup.

"[I hope] the sun shines on Sunday and melts it," Grabianowski said. "That would be the best thing that could happen. Or for sure Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday would be great."

--KEYC News 12