Kato Ninja Warrior wrapped up inside Bresnan Arena on MSU's campus Friday night.

Mirroring the popular show "America Ninja Warrior," more than 25 students and community members gave the course a try.

Some decided speed was the tactic to be successful while others took their time and even tried some unorthodox maneuvers.

The growing interest of the sport led to the decision to put this event on once again.

MSU special events chair of the student events team Bailey Hofmeister said "This is our 2nd year doing Kato Ninja Year. We just started it last spring and it was a huge hit. People absolutely loved it. They're all fans of America Ninja Warrior so we decided to try it out again."

The top 15 went on to advance to the "Final Show" which contained more than 1,000 fans a year ago.

- KEYC 12