A small business is getting a big boost and success tastes pretty good.  

It's a sweet reward for this candy shop in Owatonna.

Curly Girlz Candy won the 2018 Ignite Cup small business competition in Red Wing.  They are now qualified to compete statewide for the Minnesota Cup.

Trenda:  "There's a ton of work involved with the statewide round so in June that will start up and its a little nerve wracking because the timeline is pretty tight."  

Making candy has been a lifelong dream for Paula.

Trenda:  "So I went to school, got a degree, travelled all around the world with my job.  Every time we would go somewhere we would visit a little bakery or a fun chocolate shop and a couple of the places up in Canada and over in Europe, we actually got to watch making some of the different candies and I thought, I could do this!"  

What makes this candy store so unique, is that everything is hand made using local ingredients whenever possible.  The sugar free candy uses natural sweeteners, like stevia instead of chemical based ones.  I decided to try my hand at making some of their sweet, sweet candy.

"OOOOHHH The Candy Man can."

-KEYC News 12