The past two years, Terrace View Golf Course has opened its doors for players in early March.

This year is a little different as snow covers the course tee to green.

Course owner Brooke Lindor is antsy to get the course open and knows all her members are getting the itch to play.

"Well now our customers are all getting spring fever," Lindor said.  "The course is going to be extremely wet.  It was wet before today's snowfall.  We are just worried it's going to take a longer time to dry out.  We just need some hot days to get it all dried out and hopefully there is some green grass under there and we can get ready for some golf sooner or later."

This is Lindor and her husband's first full year owning the course.

They want to get it open soon to show off their newly renovated club house which features an indoor/outdoor bar amongst other upgrades.

--KEYC News 12