The defendant is Chris Archer.  He's a fraternity president... and murder suspect.

The prosecution will try to prove that Chris pushed a girl off the ledge of a clock tower on purpose during a night of drunken hazing.

One of the witnesses gave stunning testimony:  “I saw Chris Archer take her shoulders and push her off the bell tower!”

Of course this is not a real trial, but a simulation for law students at Bethany Lutheran College.

These legal eagles in training got a taste of real world litigation, not in a classroom, but in a real courtroom at the Blue Earth County District Court.

Professor Sarah Edwards, head of the legal studies department, said:  "Students are already kind of thinking real world.  Like, what if we’re not prepared for this, or if we blow it people could go to jail.  And so I think it really is a very effective way of learning about the law and learning whether or not this is something you could do on a daily basis."

Students created extensive background stories for the mock trial.  They made sure that this was no open–and–shut case.

Ryana Sadaka, who played the part of a prosecutor for the State of Minnesota, said:  "We feel pretty positive about or defense today.  So I think we can win this."

Having the mock trial in an actual courtroom with a practicing attorney presiding as judge gave more authenticity to the experience.

Sadaka also added:  "It’s pretty cool.  It definitely adds up our nerve system.  So we’re all pretty nervous."