Those interested in receiving legal guidance are in luck. Free legal checkup clinics are now open to the public at the Open Door Health Center.

Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services, a nonprofit legal aid law firm, has launched once a month free legal checkups at the Open Door Health Center in Mankato.
"The legal checkup is actually a questionnaire that goes through different topics and areas of law. Anywhere from family to housing, they're all civil legal issues, we don't do anything pertaining to criminal unless it's a criminal expungement, we do some of those," Volunteer Attorney Coordinator with Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services Denise Nicolay said.
Through these legal checkups, volunteer attorneys will detect legal issues, provide free advice, and help clients prepare for the future.
"If we do identify that you do have a legal issue those issues will get submitted back to our office at SMRLS and will be taken care of by one our attorneys, a volunteer attorney but we do follow through with the whole process," Nicolay added.
While Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services does serve a specific client base, the checkups are available to anyone. Attorneys looking to donate their time are also being sought.
"Anybody that's looking for a limited time commitment, this is perfect because you volunteer for the hours at the event and after that you're done," Nicolay said.
The checkups will occur on the third Monday of each month from 4 to 7 p.m. at Open Door. Others will also be held at Centenary United Methodist church in Mankato during their homeless breakfast hours and at Wellcome Manor in Garden City.

Although there may be some same-day availability, those interested are encouraged to schedule appointments in advance by calling SMRLS at (507) 387-5588 and referencing "Legal Checkups".

--KEYC News 12