Comfrey athletics could have a different partnering school next season.

If all goes according to plan, Comfrey will be partnering with Mountain Lake Area for most junior high and high school athletics.

Comfrey is currently paired with Cedar Mountain for all sports with the exception of cross country and track, which are paired with Springfield.

The switch to Mountain Lake Area isn't one necessarily for cost....

Currently, Comfrey travels nearly 25 miles to Cedar Mountain, with a move to Mountain Lake that distance is cut in half.
"It's tough to find somebody who's willing to drive all the way up there, sit through the whole practice and come back," said Daniel Hup, Comfrey's Activities Director. "In Mountain Lake it's close enough that if you need to, you can run home in between then go back and pick the kids up."
The idea for the proposed move came to life after Mountain Lake took in Comfrey's baseball and softball teams which were struggling to fill out a full roster.

Comfrey will still have to travel for the majority of games, but the lesser distance is a big plus for the school.
"In the future maybe something will work out where we can use our facility more often," said Hup. "But I think to start out with, we're just planning on most things being in Mountain Lake."
Joining Mountain Lake's football program would most likely force the team to play 11–man football rather than 9–man, meaning they will not immediately merge teams.

Comfrey will still pair with Cedar Mountain for the 2018–2019 season, but after that their status is up in the air.
"We talked to the state, if the state allows us to join with them after next season and stay 9–man, then it'd be a possibility," said Hup.  "If they don't, then we explore other options."
In addition to athletics, Mountain Lake and Comfrey will have a teacher exchange in order to offer classes not available at the other school, including art and agriculture.

----KEYC News 12