Open Door Health Center patients can now have their prescriptions filled in the same place as their doctor's appointment.

A pharmacy is now open at Open Door Health Center in Mankato.

"Creating a pharmacy here really allows our patients to receive their medications before they leave the building so that they can have a better adherence and easier access to pharmacy," Open Door CEO Doug Jaeger said.

The pharmacy is operated by Genoa Pharmacy and is staffed 5 days a week.

It creates convenience and accessibility for patients, providing them an all-in-one stop for their health care needs.

"Not having the patients go off–site to pick up their meds, it's easier for them to get them if they have transportation issues," Pharmacy Site Manager Tess Lahr said. "We also have different packaging options to help with adherence."

It also allows medical staff to have more communication with the pharmacy to ensure patients get the right care.

"We can take really good 360 care of our patients," Family Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Brandel said. "We can make sure that they're filling their medications, if they have side effects with their medications we can be in contact with the pharmacist, so it means we can take better care of our patients."

The pharmacy opened May 9, and will have a grand opening for the community in June.

--KEYC News 12