Summer vacation means kids head off to summer camps. While this camp makes time for fun and games, Camp Maverick Rec N' Read at MSU Mankato also makes time for reading.

The week–long camps take place throughout June. They're designed to help kids who have trouble reading with academic and social skills.

Kids have three hours devoted to reading, then the rest of the day is filled with recreation activities.

"When it's hard, it's not something that you enjoy, and so we're infusing the reading and writing with the recreation so it is really enjoyable and fun for the kids to be engaged," MSU Assistant Professor Brooke Burk said.

However, the camp is more than just for the kids, during weeks two and three, professionals from the community will be at the camp learning about literacy intervention and working hands–on with the kids.

"The kids will benefit because they will have experienced professionals working one on one with them and the professionals will benefit because they're able to apply the skills that they're learning about in the classroom," MSU Assistant Professor Megan Mahowald said.

Each week has a different theme, and when the week is over, the kids get to take home one of the books they read to encourage reading all summer long.

--KEYC News 12