The Department of Natural Resources has one family-fun idea, for those looking to hook onto some this weekend. 

DNR is holding a "Take your kid fishing weekend, a state- wide initiative,  to push families to fish, while enjoying the outdoors. 

Hutchinson Area Assistant Fisheries Supervisor Tanner Stevens said on any other day adults would need licenses, but for this weekend, it is not required.

Adults are considered ages 16 and up. 

Minnesota is known for its many bodies of water, but it is helpful to know which ones are good fishing spots.

" Spring Lake, Skyline, up here in Saint Peter is the Saint Peter Fence Fishing Pond," said Stevens. 

" Also there is always the Minnesota River, and the Blue Earth River, that can all offer good fishing opportunities."

Take Your Kid Fishing weekend officially starts on Friday and will run into Sunday. 

--KEYC News 12