JANESVILLE, Minn. - A tiny thrift store is making a big impact in Janesville.
The non-profit shop started as a way to benefit Trinity Lutheran School and Church and in the last five years it really has, donating more than $71,000 into the community.
"We've given a lot back to the fire department, we gave this year to our library, the blinds are just awful in there and it's hurting the building and the books so we gave them over $2000 for those. We helped with the sound system at the public school, gave a lot back to our church and our Trinity Lutheran School through new computers, Phy. Ed equipment, wall mats, STEM program activities just a variety of things we were able to give back to, Janesville Beautification Association we give back to them as well this year," one of Simply Saved Thrift Store creators, Irene Mulcahey said.
Each year on the anniversary of the store opening, also the first day of Hay Daze in Janesville, the volunteer run store hosts a style show Monday night alone they raised $21,000.

--KEYC News 12